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How do they work?

Vandal Shields® are manufactured with our patented "Torsion Flex" Technology which allows them to flex and bend to absorb the impact of projectiles.

This flexibility allows the shield to withstand the force of rocks, bats, BBs, pellets, and even 9mm bullets! In fact, in cases where small arms ammunition is used, the vandal shield will not only absorb the bullet’s energy, but it will also absorb the bullet itself! The bullet becomes lodged between the two layers of polycarbonate without spalling the material, which allows the fixture to still function and the light to continue to shine through the shield (plus, the bullet doesn’t ricochet and hurt something - or someone - else). With the money you save from not having to replace your fixtures, you’ll see a 100% return on investment the next time someone attempts to vandalize that fixture again!

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Series 0056

For Energy-Efficient Lighting fixtures with flat, sag, or drop lenses:

Energy Efficient Lighting Series shields are custom-sized to match the design features of new LED and Induction Lighting Fixtures. As each new fixture is released, we are taking the time to retrofit a shield that will best serve your needs for vandalism protection. These shields offer a dual-layer polycarbonate design and incorporate our patented "Torsion Flex" technology to provide the maximum protection.


Series 0046-FL

For Cobrahead fixtures with flat or sag lenses:

Flat Lens Series shields are designed to protect standard cobraheads with a flat (cutoff) or sag lens. With dual layers of polycarbonate and "Torsion Flex" technology, these shields offer maximum protection capable of stopping a 9mm bullet. These are our most popular product - the original Vandal Shields® - proven to work under the toughest circumstances.


Series 0046-WS

For Cobrahead fixtures with flat or sag lenses:

Flat with Side Protection Series shields are designed for low-wattage, small can cobraheads. The bottom has dual layers of polycarbonate protection, with a single layer that is molded to wrap around the sides of the fixture. These shields also feature our patented "Torsion Flex" technology that helps the shield stop everything from rocks to 9mm bullets.


Series 0046-DL

For Cobrahead fixtures with drop lenses:

Drop Lens Series shields fit most standard drop lens cobraheads. The dual-layer polycarbonate design is molded with a bowl shape in the middle to accommodate the drop lens fixture. This molded shape features a drain hole, to prevent water from collecting in the shield when raining. These also feature "Torsion Flex" technology to allow the shield to bend and flex to absorb a bullet without ricocheting.


Series 0046-RL

To replace glass lenses of flat, sag, or drop lens Cobrahead fixtures:

Replacement Lens Series shields are single-layer 1/8" polycarbonate sheets designed to replace or reinforce a standard glass lens in a cobrahead fixture. When glass lenses are broken during routine maintenance or by minor vandalism, they can be expensive to replace. These are an inexpensive solution that will also offer protection from minor vandalism like rocks and BB guns.


Series 0036

For Flood Lighting fixtures:

Floodlight Series shields are custom-sized to match the specification of each floodlight fixture. We look at the type of fixtures you are using, the wattage, the dimensions, the mounting mechanism, and other features in order to design a shield that will install easily and securely. All shields feature dual-layer polycarbonate and galvanized steel mounting brackets for long-term protection.


Series 0026-SH

For Shoebox Lighting fixtures:

Shoebox Series shields are custom-sized to match shoebox-style area lighting fixtures. Each shield features dual-layer polycarbonate, galvanized steel mounting brackets, and our patented "Torsion Flex" technology. These shields are used in many parking lots and city parks where vandalism is prevalent and safety is a big concern.


Series 0026-WM

For Standard Wallpack Lighting fixtures:

Wallpack Series shields are molded to wrap around the wallpack fixture and provide maximum protection from breakage. These shields are made of dual-layer polycarbonate that attaches securely to a wall or structure. The top is open to allow heat to escape. We make two different sizes of these shields to accommodate most wallpack fixtures in the market.


Series 0016

For Colonial Post-Top fixtures:

Architectural Post-Top Series shields are designed as replacement lenses for colonial-style post-top fixtures. These shields are made of a single-layer of 3/8" polycarbonate, that is shaped to replace the existing lenses, which provides a greater amount of protection against vandalism. Baseball bats, rocks, and BB guns are no match for the power of Vandal Shields®.



For Various Applications:

If you are having issues with vandalism and you don't see the type of fixtures that you have within our catalog, don't worry! Vandal Shields® specializes in customizing shields for all different lighting applications. Practically every shield in our catalog today has been developed from a custom application at one point in time - it just so happens that many others have experienced the same problems with the same fixtures!

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