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Vandal Shields - Floodlight Series


Series 0036

For flood lighting fixtures.

Floodlight Series
  Floodlight Series Floodlight Series
  Standard Features & Benefits
  • Dual layers of 1/2" and 3/8" polycarbonate protective glazing sheets shaped to fit most floodlight fixtures. Shields are custom-sized to match the model, wattage, and mounting mechanism of the fixtures used.
  • Galvanized steel mounting brackets that resist corrosion and wear and tear.
  • Galvanized steel mounting hardware and extension bolts.
  • Simple, two-bolt installation to minimize labor output for regular maintenance and initial installation.
  • Superior ballistic containment properties with excellent impact absorption.
  • Long term protection designed to resist yellowing, burning, or weather corrosion.
  Fixture Compatability

The Floodlight Series (series 0036) is available for the following fixtures:


Don't see your fixture? No Problem! Vandal Shields® can create Custom Shields to match your lighting fixtures.

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