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Local churches light the way to help clean-up neighborhoods
May 25, 2010
KNDO – Yakima, WA

In these hard financial times, some cities are turning to their communities for support to help clean up the streets and fight vandalism. The City of Yakima, Washington did just that – turning to the media and local churches to help support their cause, by raising the funds needed to protect their light fixtures with Vandal Shields®. Getting the resources needed to replace the light fixtures and protect them from future damage was a collaboration effort between numerous organizations including the various city departments, the local utility, the local media, local churches, the citizens of Yakima, and Vandal Shields®. With the community’s support and broader awareness of the problem, the city was able to ensure that the lights will stay on and the safety of their residents will not be jeopardized. We applaud them for taking back their streets and fighting to do what it takes to put their community’s safety first.



US Army wants bullet-resistant shields in Afghanistan – but not to protect the soldiers
March 20, 2010
Kabul, Afghanistan

U.S. Army troops are fighting overseas to protect American and Afghan citizens, but who is protecting them? Vandal Shields® has been called upon to combat the issue of vandalism to the lighting fixtures at the Camp Phoenix military base in Kabul, Afghanistan. Camp Phoenix is a NATO military installment operated by the US Army on the outskirts of Kabul. Flood lighting is used to light the perimeter of the base at night, as well as provide necessary light within the base. Insurgent attacks have led to an increase in lights being shot out from a distance, crippling one of the first lines of defense for the base. In an expedited order, Vandal Shields® worked day and night to mass produce a large shipment of custom shields, including procuring the fixtures to install them to, and were able to get them rushed on a cargo plane direct to Afghanistan. The light fixtures and shields will be installed immediately to help the troops defend the borders of both their base and the Afghan community.

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