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Vandal Shields - Custom Shield Solutions

We offer free research and development for our customers. We will look into every individual customer's concerns and analyze all of the factors involved to determine the best possible, and most cost-effective, solutions.

If we can build it, we will!
But we will always make sure that it solves the problem and does not just create new ones!

Check out some of the custom shields we've created for our customers:

  Norm Schmidt Park - Apple Valley, CA
  Custom Shield Solutions - Norm Schmidt Park

This small neighborhood park was lit by only one light, but that light was a constant target for vandals seeking to loiter and abuse this park. Since the light was located over the playground, the broken glass falling into the sand below created severe safety risks to the children who used this park during the day.

Custom Shield Solutions - Norm Schmidt Park  

Once we added a shield, the light was no longer able to be vandalized and the broken glass was consequently no longer an issue. Parents and community members were delighted because they could use the park for its intended purposes.

  Sunnymead High School - Sunnymead, CA
  Custom Shield Solutions - Sunnymead High School

Architects called for recessed lighting to be embedded in the planters throughout the common areas of the new school. They learned very quickly this was a poor planning idea when all of the lights were broken within the first week of school. Students were using the planters as benches to sit on and would simply kick out the lights with their heels causing the glass to shatter and pose serious safety and liability risks.


Vandal Shields® designed a single-layer shield that was both tamper-proof and vandal-proof. It did not need to be bullet-resistant, so having only a single-layer gave them the protection they needed at a price they could afford - and they didn't have to rebuild the entire grounds to do so!

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